About me

I am a 37-year-old mother, wife, teacher, and blogger. I started this blog three months ago, never dreaming that the simple act of writing a blog would develop such an appetite for writing. My blog is really a diary of sorts for me.  In it you will find daily triumphs, struggles, encounters, and pleasures that inspire me to write.  I blog because it has a cathartic way of pulling me to a place that is just beyond my comfort zone, out in the open for anyone to see. I’m a risk taker. But, my own thoughts, feelings and opinions have never been things that I have cared to divulge.

Who am I?

Well, I’m a mother of two beautiful, high-octane kids. Nine year old Allie and 5-year-old Colin. They keep me on my toes playing wildly, fighting consistently, and talking endlessly. They are full of curiosity, passion, and enthusiasm for life. What more could I ask for?

I get to share my life with this funny guy who loves to do crazy things. Like, run marathons after a couple of weeks of training, or hitting a rugged bike trail for 35 km almost getting killed by cars or…the ground. I love how he just decides to do things on the spare of the moment. He doesn’t over-think or talk himself out of things like many of us do. He’s a model dad, and a loyal, loving partner.

I’m a grade 6 teacher, and proud to say so. I pour my heart and soul into what I do because I think kids deserve the very best when it comes to education.  I love to find new and fresh ways for students to stay motivated and passionate about learning. So, my blog will come in handy since I fully expect that our class will come to love blogging just as much as I do.

At times the things that I do for fun get put on the back-burner.  Starting a blog is one of the things that I have decided to do, because it’s all about me and the time I spend with myself.  But my passion for sport is steadfast. I live for volleyball whether it be playing or coaching.  I am a slave to soccer, since I was born and raised a Brit. Not to be underestimated, is my passion for reading, reading, reading…and I’m ready to admit this…I love to write. Thanks for visiting!


12 thoughts on “About me

  1. I really like what you wrote in your “About.” Thanks for sharing! I too am fairly new to blogging, although I’ve been WRITING with passion for as long as I can remember. I find writing to be therapeutic, a great form of catharsis, and an avenue for self-expression. I have always been more comfortable expressing myself thru writing, rather than speaking. I would love you to followback my blog “Discombobulated Musings of a Scorpio Diva” at http://scorpiosays.wordpress.com Thanks! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. I came here because you visited my blog and boy am I glad you did. I’m really enjoying what I’ve read so far. I’m also in Ontario and am also a teacher (although on disability at the moment).

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