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GOOD GRIEF, What am I writing?

What a warm pleasure it is to be ‘home’ on my #WordPress blog, again straining to ignite my passion for writing. I do realize it has been the topic of the past couple of feeble attempts to write. Whatever it is I’ve been battling, I think I’m finally beginning to peel back some of the layers.

As a #teacher, I also maintain a teacher blog. It just so happens, that the blog I wrote and posted today blends nicely with some of the blunderings of every day life. In the post, you will see how I argue with myself as to whether or not the post is an #education post, or #life post.

At the end of it all, I recognize that life is all about wrestling with our hopes, dreams, goals, resolutions, etcetera, etcetera. I’m the kind of person that loves to envision things, but occasionally struggle to declare if that is officially a goal or not. When I name it a goal…that sets the ball rolling for plans and actions. I’m not afraid of that. Trust me. I just try not to commit to more than I can handle. It’s a hiccup of mine. Well fancy that, the name of my blog has seeped through the cracks here.

I thought about pasting the post from my teacher site…but perhaps I’ll link it instead. Come on over to visit. If you wanna see some incredibly perfect disastrous writing, you’ll wanna see this post.


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