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What does writing have to offer?

Blogging used to be ‘easy’ for me. I selected topics-with ease.

I gathered ideas – with ease. 

I found words – with ease. 

I drafted posts – with ease. 

I uploaded final products – with ease. 

No fear. 

No contemplation. 

No reservation. 

Somewhere it stopped. 

Likely for many different reasons. And even when I wanted to try again, I “couldn’t”. 

Until now. Now, I want the void to fill. 

With thoughts, ideas, feelings, and daily musings. 

Wish me luck. 

Oh yah…my passion for writing started with journaling. And so, this is how I’d like my return to writing, to resume. 

Here it goes!


One thought on “What does writing have to offer?

  1. I have had, or should I say I have, the same feelings now about writing. It used to flow like a never ending river word after word, phrase after phrase, and suddenly (or so it seemed) it, stopped like the Army corps of engineers erected a dam and the river ceased to be. I blamed it at first on a Muse gone rogue but now I believe the Muse was abandoned and left to waste away by the very soul who needed “her” for his existence! Good luck with your endeavor. Commitment is the greatest task involved in writing anything of worth!

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