How about a bit of poetry?

After a full day of report card writing…I thought I would post a poem I attempted, after hiking one of our wonderful trails at the Lower Thames River Conservation Area. London, Ontario is known as the, Forest City and this is a title we certainly deserve.

Poetry is not really my thing, but I pretend to try every once in a while.



Out we are on our familiar trail, feeling a warm unexpected breeze.

My young ones march on through the mud, with a squish and a squelch.

Nimble they are, tippy-toeing along downed logs, pressing down  in the thick mud.


Watch out! I call out, as mountain bikes whiz by!

SQUACK go their brakes, as the riders’ edge down the steep hill on two wheels.

The vitality in the wood vibrates, with animals, critters, and explorers carrying on.


Out on the pond their long, ebony necks dip-in, looking for lunch.

My young ones race ahead, taking every risk their path has to offer.

They beam with joy, planning every step, through muddy traps and slippery logs.


Detectives we become, seeking out our skinny, slithery friend.

SNAP goes the camera, over-and-over again.  Did we capture his urgent attempts to hide?

We leave him be, and carry on to our destination. Civilization awaits.


Up high in the sky, competing with every chirp, tweet, bleat and caw.

Birds welcome this wonderful day in Spring.

Our adventure is complete and we bid farewell to our familiar trail.

My daughter Allie, looking out over a London pond at the Lower Thames River Conservation Area.

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