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Blogging at an all time low

Well, well, well. What can I say? Somewhere along the way…life got in the way of my blogging commitment. I’ve been busy at home doing renovations (they never seem to end), busy with the kids, and busy at work. But, it’s all been fun and enjoyable. I am happy to say, life is in a good place right now. Everyone around me is happy, healthy, and full of energy. You have to admit, this “phase” comes and goes, like a wild bikini style.

“Life with hiccups” has been a very dear friend to me. That is honestly the status I give to my blog…a friend. “Life with hiccups” listens to my every thought, shows compassion when I need it most, and brings in reinforcements in the form of my blogosphere friends (followers) when necessary. For all of you who come here to visit, thank you. A special thank you to those of you who take the time to leave a comment. After all, it’s the comments that distinguish our blogs from basic web pages, right? I’m glad I made the decision to start “Life with hiccups.” Blogging has been an outlet for me and it has turned my desire to write, into reality.

So, I know I’ve left my dear friend here, high-and-dry. But all dear friends are understanding. They come on board when you need them most, and they pick up where you left off, without skipping a beat.

Life is good, so live it while you can. Surely, none of us would prefer to live our lives online, when we’ve got friends and family to be with. Enjoy every day my friends…until next time!



2 thoughts on “Blogging at an all time low

  1. Teachers in the middle of report cards cannot be expected to blog regularly. lol As another perfectionist, I can relate. My blog has been “under reconstruction” for a few months. It will be back bigger and better, but I struggled with the guilt of neglecting my blogging. It’s not in my control now, as my new web designers have the ball. Watch out for “wabi-sabi therapist” coming soon.

    1. I CANNOT wait until you’re back online, Lynda! I am sure (you being a perfectionist and all) the new look and feel will be well worth the wait 😉
      Thanks a bunch for commenting.

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