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Good Health vs. Wellness ~ Part 1

The components of wellness: be fit, eat right, think well!
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Do you think good health, and wellness are created equally?

If you are in good health, does that mean you are well?

Wellness is one of those new buzz words in our society today. You’ve seen it, right? It’s this word we see posted all around us: in our our gyms, spas, supermarkets, and health centers. Like many of you, I walked past all those wellness posters, brochures, booklets, flyers, magazine headlines, and ads. I have to admit though, I always did a double-take. Clearly, something was resonating with me. In all honesty, I didn’t understand the true meaning of the word, wellness, either. I had always assumed wellness was a synonym for, healthy. Aaaaaand…since I’m the kind of person that never gets sick, I just kept passing-up on this wellness movement (watch where this arrogance takes me later).

The word wellness had a bit of a grip on me though. It made me curious, wanting to know more. I sensed I was missing-out on something big…and THAT is not my style! I enjoyed how positive and motivating wellness sounded when I said it to myself. I loved how the word felt when I gave it time to percolate in my mind. I knew I would explore it…when I was ready.

Well finally, the time in my life had come when change had become the norm. I decided I was ready to research wellness. So, I did what some of the world’s best researchers do…I GOOGLED it. I typed in, “What is wellness?” The first hit, took me to a website called (not even joking), Definition of Wellness. There, wellness is defined as, “a state of health, closely associated with your lifestyle.” I love how Definition of Wellness distinguishes between health, and wellness.

“While everyone agrees that the absence of illness is one part of being healthy, it doesn’t indicate whether you are in a state of well-being.”

When I read that line, my ears began to ring and my body temperature began to rise. I was officially inspired to push to get more out of life. Although I was free from illness, I had been feeling drab, tired, bored, experiencing joint pain, and lightheaded on a pretty regular basis. I wasn’t getting sick, or needing to see my doctor. I was healthy enough ;)…RIGHT? Well, I decided that achieving this “sense of well-being” was a romantic goal to set for myself. It was time to start listening to my body and give it what it was missing.

I took some time to reflect on my health. I wanted to decide what it was that I truly needed, in order to feel…WELL! I wanted physical energy, strength, mental clarity, a positive outlook, enthusiasm, creativity, and the energy to persist. There were many of these components missing in my present state. But you know what? I often struck this yearning down with, “Gee Heidi, you have been LUCKY in your lifetime! You have never suffered from any major illnesses. You’ve only experienced the flu three times, and you get a cold once a year. You’re not on any medications for anything and you’ve only been prescribed antibiotics three or four times in recent memory. Heck Heidi, if the plague ever returned, you’d be the one not to get sick! You’ve been an athlete for most of your life going on to become a Windsor Lancer! You do work out (when you give yourself that time), and you’re not overweight. So, of course you’re healthy. It’s just too bad that you feel like a 70 year old some days.” Well, it’s that kind of arrogance that got me comfortable in the village of good health…but locked-out of the land of wellness!

The paradigm shift got me to begin researching, resourcing, and committing to a new lifestyle, but I did not want to do it alone. In fact, my hubby had already got started and now we’re teaming up to make this another turning point (much like the one I posted about in January) ! I have, neglected to mention that it was a very good friend of mine, who leading by example, has shown me just what changing your lifestyle can do for you. Through countless conversations she signaled there were clearly things I could change in order to rid myself of these chief complaints and cyclical problems. Her book recommendations and referrals to professionals began our journey to wellness. With a therapist, naturopath, chiropractors, and an iridologist on board…we’re experiencing massive improvements in our physiology, psychology, biochemistry and more!

So, my good friend’s guidance, lots of reading, and visiting wellness professionals has shown me exactly what Definition of Wellness is talking about…“While everyone agrees that the absence of illness is one part of being healthy, it doesn’t indicate whether you are in a state of well-being.” I am now beginning to feel the energy and mental clarity that I was truly hoping for. But, I have only scratched the surface.

As I leave you with this post, Good Health vs. Wellness – Part 1, I feel a renewed excitement over my journey to wellness. I was previously foolish, arrogant, and moronic for assuming I was as healthy as anybody could be, just because I was absent of illness. And for the record, the naturopaths and chiropractors were able to prove to me that not only was I missing out on wellness, I was by no means in a state of good health. Now I work to eat right, be fit, and think well. These are the components to wellness. I hope to tell you about how I am working towards this in, Good Health vs. Wellness – Part 2. Until then, I’ll do my best to put my heart and soul into wellness. Step one towards wellness for me was to, THINK WELL.

Cover of "The Secret"

Nothing will come from having negative thoughts, except more negative experiences. I have read a pile of books over the past few months. The Secret was one of them. The secret talks about how,

“Everything is possible, nothing is impossible. There are no limits. Whatever you can dream of can be yours, when you use The Secret.”

What are your thoughts and beliefs about wellness?
Can you be terminally ill, but in a state of well-being? This question just might drive the motivation for a future post.

As a side note…It felt good to post today. I haven’t written in a long time and I did miss it. I hope some of my followers will drop-in to say, “Hi”.


4 thoughts on “Good Health vs. Wellness ~ Part 1

  1. Love this post. It’s spot on – i think you summarized my mission on my blog perfectly. Awesome stuff

    May we always seek to be well! Not just “healthy”


    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, Eric. I kinda feel like a slow learner on this wellness thing. But, I admit, I might have been avoiding the sacrifice and discipline necessary to follow the nutrition. Looking forward to following your blog 🙂

  2. Great post heidi! Wellness is the whole package isn’t it? I just worry it is being just as commodified as health…..packaged, marketed and sold just like any other product we consume. Staying objective and grounded in essential in my embrace of wellness…and it is something that is very central to my life now too.

    1. You’re onto something there, Cara. There are aspects of wellness that are being commodified. Particulary when it comes to food and supplements. I do worry that as the demand for things like gluten free, dairy free, and the like increase…the same short cuts will be taken that screwed up what used to be perfectly good wheat and the healthier dairy products decades ago. When demand for foods with certain specifications skyrockets, the production of them is altered. I’ll take it as it comes. Staying grounded, and making good choices that are disciplined is key. But I sure as hell miss french bread sticks, crusty buns, and pies. Ahhhhh.

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