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Do you have a quirk?

On some days, I’m the weirdest person I know. There are strange things I do and even stranger things I say that are classified as Heidi-isms. These are my quirks. Take this one for instance…sometimes I’m gullible. This quirk of mine is my husband’s favourite and it was certainly my brothers’ most favourite quirk of mine. One day, my husband told me (in dramatic fashion) that my childhood idol, Elton John had been assassinated!! NOOOOO, not Elton! He had me hook, line and sinker. I was temporarily struck with shock, grief, horror…and disbelief. That was when I reminded myself of his quirk…Mr. Practical Joker. So, really it all ended up that my quirk had mustered up a good laugh.

What is your quirk? Is it funny? Is it annoying? Let’s be honest, we all have quirks and “isms”. These are the bits that truly stamp-out who we are. Quite often, our quirks can be difficult to love or respect. Perhaps we have been teased, ridiculed, or disliked for them. Perhaps we see our own quirks as lame, limiting, or undesirable.

The outside world can be a rough playground; full of critics, bullies, and the insecure. This is why it is so difficult for many of us to fall in love with our quirks. Maybe we’ve never considered them to be a, “value-added” service to ourselves.

Humour can be a wonderful boost! By laughing at ourselves we give our quirks permission to be just that, our quirks, oddities, and imperfections. These quirks are the things we can’t help ourselves from doing, or saying. Quirks slip-up, jump-out, or seep through. No filter seems to be able to catch them in time.

Yes of course, some of our quirks need to be tamed or tempered. We don’t want to annoy, offend, or irritate. But, at the end of the day, our quirks make-up just as much of who we are as our hair colour, eye colour, or personality. So, don’t try to ERADICATE your quirks! Laugh at them and give them a place in your persona. Tame them if you must, but keep them.

Besides, if you rid yourself of your quirks, chances are…someone is going to wonder where it/they went. We may not know it, but someone around you probably loves you AND your quirks. If they can live with them, so can you!

So, do you love or hate your quirk(s)?
Do your friends love or hate your quirk(s)?


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