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The busy life

We all know what it feels like when life reaches Mach-speed. We’re trying to GET to where we need to be, COMPLETE what we need to do, and SEE who we need to see. Sometimes the demand for our time, energy, and attention is so high it can be tough knowing what to do first. We call this…stress. We might ask ourselves, how am I going to give everything people need, without someone feeling short-changed along the way? Can I meet the deadline on time? Will I be able to do this project well?

I’m a wife, mother, sister, daughter, teacher, friend, and…woman. I’m also a blogger…and I have taken a bit longer than usual, getting to this fresh post. These roles connect me with over forty people (not including blog followers, sorry friends). These are just the first people I can think of without going too far outside of my immediate circle. Sometimes it feels like all forty+ of them are vying for my time in the same minute. So, I try to prioritize and give my time to those causes that are most important for each moment in question.

Why am I writing this post now? Well, I’m in the middle of one of the busiest and wildest weeks of my teaching career. I just finished packing, relocating and unpacking my classroom. Thamesford Public School is in the middle of construction, so it was my turn to move.

Next, I’m about to head into a week filled with meetings, workshop presentations, a BIG project deadline (I’ll call it that because it is a secret for now), mentoring a student teacher, and the looming School District Review. This is basically a giant school report card process carried out by a team of a dozen big-wigs from the TVDSB board office. Play the horror movie music please!

Who really cares what these GOTTA-DO things are? The point is, we all reach these weeks in our own lives. I do believe we are sometimes responsible for creating these nightmares and are we become our own worst enemy. Other times, it is just bad luck that all the chapters in our life ask to be written in the same week.

So, how will I make it through the week? How might you make it through your week? I am announcing now that I will be positive first. I’m sending out that excitement and eager energy to the Universe. So here it goes…I’m thrilled to have a student teacher alongside me, showing that enthusiasm and passion for teaching. I’m excited to have the opportunity to present to the board office big-wigs, showing off the great work that our teachers do in our building. I welcome the opportunity to deliver PD (professional development) to new teachers who are hungry and thankful for it. I’m happy to complete my secret project to open new doors for me. Finally, I’m relaxed in my freshly painted, newly tiled classroom. My grade six students are happy with the newness (is that a word?). New room, new paint, new floors, new bank of computers to blog on…life is good!

See?!?! All of a sudden my week looks as though it’s going to be a blast!!! Full of opportunities to grow and shine. I think I’m supposed to start writing here about life balance. But I don’t really have that…even a little bit. So, I’ll post about that when I figure it out.

You might be thinking, what about the other lovely people in your life? Hmmm, for now I’ll have to say, BACK-OFF and take a number! I’ll see you on March 10th. Hey, that is Spring Break! All of a sudden, my busy life is lookin’ lazy. That’s because I’m one of those cushy teacher-types you all love to hate :).

How are you coping with your busy life?

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7 thoughts on “The busy life

  1. Hmmm…waiting for the secret to be unveiled!
    You looked pretty relaxed and smiling today! I know you Thamesfordites will do well on the review!

    1. Ah Lois, I can always count on you to leave a comment 😉 that relaxed smile you saw today was my Trademark “Duck on Water”…calm and cool on top, but racing like crazy underneath. Lol! As for the secret…who knows when and if it will be revealed. 🙂

  2. I try to remind myself that busy is a good thing– and that if a few things don’t get done, life still goes on! I prioritize and do my best…and try not to stress out. 🙂 Good luck with your busy-ness!

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