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Time for a makeover

What does it really mean when someone decides it’s time they had a makeover? Are they unhappy with themselves? Do they think they’re ugly? Are they looking for a big change? Do they have a new vision for their own style? Has something changed for them and they decide to reflect it in their look? Or, are they just ready for a fresh approach?

Nooooo! I haven’t gone through a style makeover. But I did finally make the decision to change the theme-style for Life with hiccups. I haven’t completely decided why I have gone through with the change. I guess, partly because I was bored of the previous theme. Heidi loves to change things up when she’s bored (husband not included, lol). I think I’m also considering a shift in my blog writing style. But this has not been decided on yet either.

Blogging has become a welcome addition into my life. I think it has added competition to who and what gets the 24 hours of my day. It has also weighed heavily on my plugged-in time. But, I’ve decided I like it and it’s here to stay. I’m consistently surprised at how rewarding writing in public has become.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it takes me forever to draft a post. When the time finally comes to hit the PUBLISH button, I hold my breath, thinking of all the reasons why I might not want to throw my ideas out there. In the end, it’s like I’m that little girl at the edge of the diving board, and along comes my big brother who pushes me into the deep end. Then, click goes the PUBLISH button.

So, hopefully my followers won’t come to visit Life with hiccups and then leave thinking they’ve come to the wrong place. I just finished teaching my grade 6 class about branding and how web site themes, poster media, and advertising all stays true to what the consumer has come to expect from the brand. This lesson must have really stuck because while in the computer lab yesterday, one of my students noticed I had changed my blog theme. She said to me, “Hey Ms. Solway, didn’t you tell us not to change the theme, font, or colour scheme for our blog? Otherwise, people might not feel like they’ve come to the wrong place?”
I replied, “You’re absolutely right. I did say that. My blog has had the same look for 6 months, I wanted a change.”

I’m toying with the idea of adding a new page to Life with hiccups, where I write from a different perspective. I don’t know! Maybe I’ve been flexing too much writing muscle.

For now, the look of Life with hiccups has changed simply because I was bored with the other look. That’s all there is to it. We’ll see where it goes from here.

Would you change the look of your blog? Or, would you fear losing followers?


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