Blood, Sweat, and Report Card Tears


Blast! Report cards…again. It is the last weekend before I have to hand in twenty-seven report cards to my principal. Ahhh, what better way to procrastinate than to crunch some numbers on all that goes into these heavy, monstrous, word parasites?

When all is said and done, I will have composed over one thousand five hundred sentences, weaving their way through over four hundred comments, covering fifteen topic areas. Wow! My headache just intensified 10-fold. I have six days to pull this off…with at least a dozen hours of marking to go with it. This might call for a severe case of report card flu!

Not to worry, really. In seven days it will all be over…
… Then all I have to do is prep two New Teacher workshops along with the two SMART board presentations and handouts to go with them.

Oh dear, no amount of coffee is gonna help me out with this one. Hmmm, I might wanna consider jumping onto this Rockstar or Red Bull craze.

Well my fellow teacher-friends…how are you holding-up? What’s your poison during report card season?

Clearly the Christmas break is long gone!


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