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Family Fun in the Snow!

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“C’mom kids, let’s get a move on. The sooner we leave the more time we’ll have on the hill!”

“Allie, where are your mitts with the snow flake on the front? They keep the snow off, not like those fleece gloves you’ve got on.”

“Colin, you can’t just wear your soccer uniform under your snow suit…you’ll freeze in five minutes. And no, you are not wearing your cleats sledding!” ~ as much as your granddad would love to see you try it.

I stumbled out to the car carrying the snow tube and Superhero snow disc. I dropped them on the ground and reached into my pocket for my car keys. My fingers got tangled in this wad of sticky, ABC gum that Colin had handed over to me yesterday…yuck. Anyway, I popped the trunk and sighed, as my eyes were drawn down to the sight of my school bag and daybook binder staring back up at me. Looking cold, tired, and neglected they have sat there for 12 days waiting for their “leader” to care for them. RAM! JAM! SLAM! The sleds were in, trunk closed, and work was out of sight. Time to have some family fun!

I began racing around for extra gloves, gathering my snow gear from the various vents around the house (since all hats, mitts, and boots had been abused the day before at our favourite snow bump). Paul…my dear, dear hubby . You’re OUT THERE aren’t you? You’re scraping every ounce of snow off the driveway, right down to the concrete – as if the pores of cement need oxygen. Ugh…men! No use in dragging him indoors to help with gathering up the gear. He’ll be out there shoveling himself to Driveway Utopia! Well, I better get a move on since we’re meeting Lynn and the boys at the BIG park today. Yes, today we decided to graduate to a bigger snow hill to show off our sledding prowess!

“HEIDI! Are you coming, or what?” Paul bellows from outside. Are you kidding me? Did he happen to notice that the kids aren’t really in full gear, as he loads them into the car? Perhaps he thinks the Snow Gear Fairy will drop it all off at the park. Ugh…men! Never, mind I think I’ve got it all: three pairs of snow pants, six pairs of mits (always bring extra), 3 hats, and 2 scarves). I am SWEATING! Perhaps I shouldn’t have dressed myself for the outdoors until all of my gathering had been done.

Sledding, here we come! The kids were vibrating with excitement in the car. It amazes me how sledding never tires for them. Everyday is like a new adventure, getting out there in the crisp air, trekking up and down the hill a dozen times or more. My only wish is for me to be as resilient to the cold as they always are. It never fails really, as soon as my toes begin to burn and my finger tips begin to tingle, I know I’m on borrowed time. Sometimes I think I should try drinking gas-line antifreeze just to see if I can stay warmer. But today is quite mild and I’m excited as I remember days such as this one when I was a kid. I would stay out for hours and hours on a day like today. So long as the snow holds and doesn’t melt away on us.

The car slows to a stop, the energy coming from the back seat is practically nuclear in strength. Allie launches herself out the door and races to the trunk, hammering on it until I pop it open. Colin is yelping like a trapped puppy, wanting his car seat buckles released. Well, we have arrived and we locate our friends as they careen down the hill, almost sweeping us off our feet.

The afternoon was a memorable one. Just another day at the hill filled with:

  • unlimited launches down the steep, icy hill
  • two rogue trips for Colin, taking-out a couple of boys on their way up (whoops)
  • one terrifying collision as Colin slammed head first into the snowboard of a 10-year old boy who decided to take as long as possible to get up at the end of his run. Despite seeing Colin speed up on him, and me screaming “Get up, get up, get up!” He didn’t budge….Deep breathing Heidi….deep breathing.
  • a few spinner-classics came from dad
  • a few bobsled pushes from mom
  • ONE involuntarily launch of mom down the hill at moch speed (coming from dad)
  • a couple hours of great, memorable fun!!!!

At the end of the day, the kids slipped into dreamland with ease. Paul and I chat away, gulping hot tea, brainstorming what the next day would bring.

What did you and your family do with the winter break (if you actually had some kind of break)?


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