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Teachers on vacation

Ah yes! One of the joys of teaching, are the weeks of vacation time that we have.  I know most people believe that a teacher‘s vacation time is just the “cushy” part of our profession…but, those people haven’t tried teaching for any period where they see first-hand how a teacher’s planning, teaching, marking, grading, and reporting can evaporate all other facets of one’s life, in a hurry.

Here I am now, at home, for the next SIXTEEN days, trying to quit work cold turkey, like it’s a severe alcohol or drug addiction.  Out of those 16 days I will go through a 3-day work “detox”.  This is where all cognitive functioning that is typically drowning in a virtual TO-DO list over the things I need to plan or mark, get taken away.  Detox can actually be painful and worse than work itself ;).  After detox, I enter a pseudo-relaxation phase.  This is a mental state where I look like I have relaxed and let go of work, but my brain is still planning, and timing things in my mind. This phase can last around 4 days.  After detox and pseudo-relaxation, there are some withdrawal symptoms to suffer. I experience classroom flashbacks, headaches, twitching, and stomach pains. Not to worry though, this only last 3 days and there is still plenty of time left to enjoy, right?

So let me see here…I have 10 days where I’m in work recovery, with 6 vacation days remaining.  With that 6 days remaining, I truly let loose for 3 days and just have fun and think about nothing else except THE moment!  What fun this is (for 3 whole days)!

After that THREE days of 100% pure fun, I have to snap out of it!!! I’m already late for planning my return to classes and coming up with all the new unit introductions that are due to be delivered in the first week back.  New units will begin in Math, Science, Social Studies, Media and more. The last three days of the break are sheer panic.  Why did I let this slip? I had 16 days to be able to go through all of this planning smoothly and progressively….but NOOOOO, I had to leave it to the last three days of my 16-day winter break. Not again! Back to work I go, three weeks until report cards are due to the office.  No sweat! I should be relaxed and refreshed after my 16-days off :).

Darn teachers! They have it so easy with all of that holiday time. For those of you who truly do wish that you had become a teacher….simply because of the holiday time off…you just might want to ask the spouse of a teacher.  That would give you some honest feedback on our cushy profession.  NOTE: This post is written in all good fun.  Teaching is the best profession in the world.  The vacation time is great, especially when you have family.  So when we can wind down, to stop and smell the roses, it’s wonderful.  Our families are no longer held hostage to the teaching profession.


9 thoughts on “Teachers on vacation

  1. what I always think about re:teachers is having to be completely on…all day! I am an energetic person but this part intimidates even my chatty nature! I can only liken it to me leading training all day, every day, in a dynamic, evolving, interactive, group where the participants vary from engaged to enraged or deranged (or wonderful!). exhausting!!!!!!!!!!!!! good on you for doing it. and the vac time has drawbacks cause you cannot pick when you are off – which sometimes means you miss things. of course it has pluses too, but anyone who thinks it is an easy life is a moron!

    1. Cara! Too funny. This is my fave part in your comment cuz it is sooooo true!!!
      …in a dynamic, evolving, interactive, group where the participants vary from engaged to enraged or deranged (or wonderful!).
      Very intuitive my friend;).Are you sure you’ve never taught a couple dozen 11-year olds?

    1. I sure did Lois.
      Probably too many cuz I haven’t done any work. Great quality time with the family… tons of sledding, doing puzzles, and playing games. I hope you’ve had a good break. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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