Breeding Bloggers

I’m a pretty novice blogger. I’m only four months into this lil’ hobby, but it is apparent that…well… I clearly enjoy it.

I’m a grade six teacher by day and a blogger by night. I never would have pegged myself as being the type to lose myself to writing. Sure, I write in a journal from time to time, and that is important time spent. But blogging has flicked a switch. Now everyday happenings send my brain into, “I have gotta write something about that,” or, “That would make a great post topic!” Holy moly, I might be starting to think like a writer.

Perhaps the funniest part of my blogging journey is what happens at work. Often if I get over excited about something, students in my class say, “You’re gonna blog about that aren’t you?” Now yes, I have shared a few of my blogs with my class. Having a window into my non-teaching life excites them. They immediately engage in discussion, wanting to see more.

So, as I was planning a health unit, I decided that I would dive into the process involved in setting up blog pages for each one of my students. We would all start blogging and take the classroom discussions to the web. C’mon social media and 11-year olds? Instant engagement, which equals improved achievement.

Well the journey has been long. I hit a lot of IT glitches along the way. But, they’re here! The blogs of Ms. Solway’s Grade 6 students. This undertaking has married together many of my passions in teaching… Teaching through technology, teaching writing, blogging, and getting students engaged in their own learning.

You know what? I think I might be breeding bloggers! Many students are writing posts in their free time at home and not just completing class assignments. Students are enjoying the whole idea of blogging to share ideas and experiences with their world. This is very cool to witness. After all, these are bonus writing opportunities that would never have sprouted, without the student hosting their own blog. I consider that to be the true success of this undertaking!

Come visit us! Thunderbirds’ Blogging Brilliance

Hip- hip- hooray for blogging!!!


8 thoughts on “Breeding Bloggers

    1. Yes Jen, each student hosts their own blog and they came up with the name for their blog. I plan on having them post their work along with reflections of their work (pictures of art and media included). Check out the link, the blogs are coming along.

  1. I am SO excited to read about the gifts that will come to all of those kids from finding their voice in a blog! Collectively and individually… you are unstoppable!

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