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World Championship Living

Whatta ya think? There's a World Championship of Life, or something?

Some of us really do think too much and strive to “do” even more. Like world class bodybuilders we work-out tirelessly thinking the World Championship of Living is just around the corner.

Think, think, think, think, think, think, think. Some of our days are evaporated by our grinding ideas, analyzing endless scenarios, and troubleshooting the days issues. When we  feel as though we’re expected to be the CEO to our workplace, the Martha Stewart to our homestead, and the Jillian Michaels at our gym…there’s really no “time” for mediocrity.

Does this sound familiar? Who else feels the pressure to do all and be all, to all people? I would normally feel pretty reserved to write about something so transparent and revealing. But, I have been wondering how many of us are out there. I know there are a number of good friends, fellow colleagues, close family members, and acquaintance bloggers who live a similar existence.

How is it today’s society came to embrace the busy, over-achieving, material-obtaining kind of lifestyle? It would seem to me that embracing something more Zen-like would have been more rewarding and healthier for our well being.

My first post on Life with hiccups was Stop and smell the roses. I think today’s post is my way of reminding myself, and anyone else out there, that it’s time to come back to that. At the end of the day, the expectations we place on ourselves are quite artificial and  could very well be our own manipulations of our tired “overdoing” minds. Thinking, doing, and analyzing fatigues us, and erases our visibility for what is truly important, relevant, and rewarding. It might seem as though I’m quite enlightened today.  I likely appear as though I am well-centered and mindful. Unfortunately, it’s more likely that I’m attempting to meditate myself into remembering those things that matter most…the relationships that I hold dear and a reminder to stop taking them for granted.

This time of year is breeding ground for over-doing, over-analyzing, and over-longing for things that quite frankly, just don’t matter.  Okay, that is enough thinking and analzying going into this post.  I don’t want to come across as hypocritical.  It’s your turn to chime in.
What are you NOT going to do today? Take it easy my friend. Enjoy nothingness today.

Sidebar:  Yikes! That was scary! I think I’m going to race offline now, and go hide in my closet.


4 thoughts on “World Championship Living

  1. you are right on the money. i tend to not put excessive effort into external achievements but seem to obsess more about how I am handling things on an emotional/principle/values/authenticity level. same game, different presentation! my standards for how I live are too high at times – sometimes my own self-awarenesss is my worst enemy. good idea writing this, especially this time of year. I think the unfortunate aspect of the holidays is that we put even more pressure on ourselves to now add to our schedules, but specifically BE HAPPY all the time because we are supposed to…and this burden can be draining. be real. find your own voice. live your own life your way. nuff said! 🙂

  2. Again, I feel like you are inside my head, repeating things I have thought and felt for so long. Trying to hard to control this urge to do too much in 2012.

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