I can't believe I did that!

Have you ever been that person in the movie theatre that shouts out something really loud just at that point where everything in the film goes quiet? C’mon you know you’ve done it!

How about this? Don’t you just hate it when you run into the variety store or the coffee shop, then come out and jump into the WRONG car?!? What’s that? You’ve never done that? Yah! Me either (Heidi is now shrinking to a very, very small size).

I’ve blogged to all of you for a while now. I feel like we’re good friends. I think I am ready to share… my most embarrassing moments.

The movie scene really did happen to me. Paul and I were on our fourth or fifth date. We went to see the movie “Sudden Death.” In the final act of this thriller, the viewer has to endure this lengthy, high-octane chase scene. Jean-Claude Van Damme is racing around a hockey stadium after the bad guys (holding the U.S. Vice President hostage). Van Damme knows that if he doesn’t catch the bad guys the stadium will blow up at the end of this game 7 Stanley Cup final, thousands will parish, including his own children. Throughout this chase, my blood starts racing, my heart starts pounding. Until finally, I’m in a full sweat. The music in the movie was pounding, the stadium crowd roaring. All this time, I might have forgotten that I was in an actual movie theatre. So when the suspense and action was too much for me to bear any longer, I shouted out, “Just trip the bad guys!!!!” At that same moment, something key in the climax occurred, and that pounding music and roaring crowd cut to silence. My ridiculous plea to trip the bad guy, was heard by all movie viewers. I became paralyzed by embarrassment. There were snickers, chuckles and chortling throughout the theatre. I managed to slump down as low as I could go into my seat. Paul was screaming with laughter – like a wild hyena calling out to its mates. He loved that I had just suffered the highest form of embarrassment. Five minutes later, the movie ended. The last thing I wanted to do was stand up, with my shoulders back, and walk out of the theatre.

Jumping into the wrong car? Really? Who does that? Yup! That’s me again. This time, Paul and I were preparing for his cousin’s wedding. I had just finished a beautiful morning at Suki Spa. I had a pedicure, acrylic nails put on, and full make-up applied. This was a major make over for this nail-biting, make-up-less, sport-playing tomboy. Dress, high heels, nails, and make-up was a tad unnatural for me and it had all gone to my head. So, after the spa we were heading home. I asked Paul to pull in to Tim Horton’s, so I could grab a coffee. I zipped inside, hurried to the counter, ordered two coffees, grabbed them, and raced out the door. I put one coffee on the rooftop of the car and opened the car door. As I was about to lower myself onto the front seat…a strange sensation came over me. I looked over to the driver’s side. That was not Paul staring back at me. I instantly chirped, “Sorry!” I slammed the door, and circled around like a confused dog.

Jumping into the wrong car? Who does that?

At last I righted myself, and casually, sauntered over to MY car. I was thinking, oh I’m sure Paul didn’t see any of that. So, up went the coffees on the rooftop again. When I lifted the handle and cracked open the door, a scream of that wild hyena laugh bellowed from the car. Paul was howling at my air headed act. It took ages for him to wipe away his tears. Just as he got some control over himself, his screaming laughter would erupt again. I couldn’t help but join in with him. I tried to blame him for not rescuing me from such an embarrassing moment. He watched me all the way to that fatal moment. Well, it was hilarious. I think it took hours for the firing red to wash from my face.

We have all managed to embarrass ourselves in some way. C’mon, make me feel better. What is one of your most embarrassing moments?

NOTE: Hello to my grade six students. This post was a modeled writing exercise.  It was fun sharing my thoughts and decision points along the way. Hope you liked it girls & boys!!