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Remembering them for their unimaginable sacrifice


Today is the 11th day, of the 11th month, of the 11th year. Just look at that, 11 ~11 ~11. Amazing! I feel grateful that Remembrance Day is graced with such a rare and incredible place on the calendar. 

Today is the one day where I purposely stop to think about our soldiers…our veterans. It is a time when I slow my day down, stopping to honour the courage and unimaginable sacrifice that these men and women make…or have made.

Some people grow up hoping to become teachers, doctors, mechanics, farmers, and technicians. Some grow up hoping to become… a soldier.  The soldier’s dream is to serve and protect our country, or to help bring about world peace. What an incredible dream! These soldiers choose to take the ultimate risk, and to make an unimaginable sacrifice in their own lives.  They choose a complicated path in life, instead of a safe, more certain path.

Today I stop to think about the true costs and consequences of war. War really is the most horrific way in which humans try to solve conflict.  Is there a place for war?  Does war really become necessary and unavoidable?  Today reminds me that we can do things everyday to push towards a more peaceful world. One where conflicts over land, religion, and government really ought to be resolved peacefully.

“There are many causes that I am prepared to die for but no cause that I am prepared to kill for.’ ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Many of you know I am a teacher.  Today is once again a day where I welcome the opportunity to teach children an important lesson about sacrifice and those who make it.   Today, much like at my Terry Fox assembly, I stand up and talk about what this day, and the people we honour, mean to me. Passion is a great motivator and that’s why it is so important to me that Remembrance Day receives a proper observance.

At my school we have bought Remembrance Day wrist bands in support of the “We Remember with TLC”  campaign.  Two dollars for each band sold, is donated to a variety of veterans support organizations. You can see a picture of the wristbands on the left. The black, represents those soldiers who died fighting for our country. The red, symbolizes those troops that are serving and are soon to be our newest veterans. The white lettering is very different. White symbolizes those who help carry the torch of remembrance. Today, YOU and I represents the white, as we sit here thinking, remembering, carrying the torch of remembrance.

Today is only ONE day where we all stop to remember and honour all veterans – those who died and those who returned with the scars of war, both seen and unseen. Soldiers give themselves to peace and freedom. Some lose their lives, many are away from their own children and families for months, others serve and return home. But, upon return, soldiers are seldom the same person they were when they left. This, is the unimaginable sacrifice that I am speaking of.

So, to the soldiers who might stumble upon my little blog post…THANK YOU.

Thank you, for taking the ultimate risk and making an unimaginable sacrifice in your own life, so that others can enjoy the freedoms and peace that you bring about.


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