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Darn you Halloween! You ruined my body for shopping!

The jeans are cutting-in. Time to hit the gym harder!

Well, here I sit at my desk, pounding the keys of my laptop, infuriated by the pressure of my stomach pressing and cutting into my jeans.  It would seem as though I have the depressing fabric imprint that comes with clothing being too snug on the skin.  C’mon everyone, I know… that you know… exactly what I’m talkin’ about! I can’t help but also notice that the seat of my desk chair is not visible. That is likely due to the surface area of my thighs smothering the seat of the chair. Darn you Halloween!!!

Yes of course, it was all Halloween’s fault! He made me eat the 127 mini chocolate bars, 21 mini bags of chips, 2 cans of pop, 12 Rockets, 10 suckers, and countless sticks of licorice  **Some of these figures are embellished for dramatic effect.**  I usually have very good will power, I really do.  I can easily let a President’s Choice Decadent bag of cookies last at least 7 or 8 days. My husband? Yah, he can clear that baby in 30 hours, no problem. I can let a 12-pack of Coors Light last for 3 weeks. Geepers, what’s the point in buying it, eh? That might be because I grew up watching alcohol clear out of the cupboards…way too fast!! Now, when stress his high and life’s hiccups are hard…beer goes down so much faster and smoother (you know you agree with me).

Well, here is what this post boils down too. Today I went shopping for some reason.  I hate shopping, which is another mysterious defect that came with my broken tear ducts and concrete emotional quotient.  Yup, I’m a GIRL that hates shopping, doesn’t cry, and never gets emotional (well I fixed that up a bit, I do have some emotions)? That’s crazy stuff, eh? Okay, back to the shopping bit!

My hubby and I were spending some quality time together today and I decided to drag him out shopping. Do you know what’s worse than a wife taking her husband shopping? A wife who can’t stand shopping…taking her husband shopping.  I went into my favourite clothing store.  I found a lot of great pieces.  I took 5 things into the change room. Ahhh! The lighting in there was brighter than the light at the Pearly Gates.  There was a mirror big enough to capture the full view of a full-grown African elephant, and a very eager customer service representative asking me if the sizes were okay.  I WILL NOT describe what it was like as I peeled of my clothes to try on the new threads. I might cry as I detail that, and I wouldn’t want to short-out the laptop as I write. Suffice it to say, I turned my back to the mirror, put the clothes on, and then turned around to make sure everything fit. Ugh!I walked out with 4 out of 5 things.  Not bad for a person who hates shopping.

What happened to me? All that hard work at the gym over the Spring and Summer seems

Halloween candy is truly evil! Mini chocolate bars should be banned.

to have gone out the window!  I think it’s buried under the 127 mini chocolate bars, 21 mini bags of chips, 2 cans of pop, 12 Rockets, 10 suckers, and countless sticks of licorice. I’m so sad and disappointed. Okay people, why do we do this to ourselves?  I was into a fabulous gym routine, hitting that weight room like Miss. Fitness Canada. Well, okay that’s an exaggeration.  Those cardio classes are for  wussies don’t ya think?  LOL, totally kidding. C’mon friends, can you see Heidi groovin’ to the music in a fitness class? Seriously, think about that (shiverrrrrr).

All right, all right! I’m whining in this post too. Where has the optimist gone? Oh wait a minute.  I think I feel it coming now.

I’m rather thankful for today’s experience.  I got a huge dose of motivation to get myself back to the gym and give my body the exercise it deserves.  Besides, if you think I walked out of that store buying UP a size, because things fit better that way? You don’t know me at all 😉  I bought the size I was into during mid-summer and I will work my way into them so that they look the way they should.

It's time to get the exercise my body deserves.

Well, I guess this post is really me telling you,  I fell off the wagon.  I haven’t been to the gym like should.  It’s time to get back to 3 times a week, no questions asked.  But you know what? Halloween really did add to my misery.  Before Halloween, I was a girl losing her groove in her work-out regiment.  After Halloween, I was a girl losing her groove in her work-out regiment PLUS – I am loaded down by 127 mini chocolate bars, 21 mini bags of chips, 2 cans of pop, 12 Rockets, 10 suckers, and countless sticks of licorice.  But I think you’ve heard me say that already…twice.

So, what’s you’re excuse for your jeans cutting into your belly?


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