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Is it just me, or am I getting older?

Over 35 and counting!

Okay everybody, I’m not trying to slam your age…so I’ll tip-toe my way through this blog. Notice the title states that I’m getting older, not OLD. But holy smack! My body just doesn’t hold up like it used to in those fabulous twenties! Not only that, the mind isn’t doin’ so hot either.

I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. Sh*** I’m getting closer to the big 4-oh!! It’s ok, I’ve still got time…three more years to be exact. Well, if you must know, my inspiration to blog through this kicked me in the shin today. I hate to whine, but, I have officially endured week # 2 of the worst shin-splints I’ve ever had!! OUCH! Now, I wish I could tell you that the shin-splints came about because of the 100 km of running I’m pumping through every week, or the crazy jump training I’ve been doing for my volleyball season opener this Monday…but that would be all lies.

Instead, this old sports injury, has likely flared-up simply because of being on my feet teaching all day, and running (literally) boys’ volleyball try-outs for a week.

Holy mackinaw this hurts!

Never before have shin-splints dropped me like a sack of potatoes…but they did today. Go ahead, ask me where, or why? Yup! I was working my but off in our school computer lab, zipping around like a firefly trying to troubleshoot our ridiculous & primitive computer equipment. The students were flailing their hands up in the air, needing my help with a broken mouse, a lame keyboard, and a haywire data projector!!!

I was trying to push through the burning timbers in my shin. But, the leg was tingling, firing, twitching…then it just gave up. Yup! The leg was fed up of holding me up. My knee kinda buckled, the leg dropped. I only just caught myself before ending up spread eagle on the floor. By this time my lower leg had clearly swelled. The tapered-leg on my cropped paints were no longer gliding as I walked. The cuff of the pant-leg hugged my lower leg tightly. I was kinda embarrassed. Being tough-nut Heidi, I tried to suck in the pain…and not limp along. Well that was impossible. I had to succumb to the battle.  I allowed my grade 7 helpers to troubleshoot the machines for the rest of that KINDERGARTEN computer class. Holy cow, those lil’ gaffers know how to use up manpower!! There were two adults and 3 grade 7 students in there, we could barely keep up with those 3 to 5 year-olds. I sat down to try and rest the leg enough before needing to walk the little angels back to their leader 😉

So, how did this event lead me to blog about age? Well, it’s one of those body ailments that hammers you, for no explainable reason. Those of you over 35 know what I’m talking about. These things happen. Some days my eyelid twitches involuntarily, other days my knuckles ache uncontrollably, every once in a while my stomach clenches from gas, I can’t remember squat, or my bladder fills up faster than a water balloon (I hope none of my 11-year old students are reading this post). Unexplainable ailments they are. When I was in my 20’s, injuries and illness were easily traced back to their origin. Not anymore. I think I fully understand that annoying cliche, “Gettin’ old!”

Not only that, have you ever noticed that your over-35 body also succumbs to strange psychological phenomena? Ladies? What are these strange things called feelings and emotions? They never used to get in my way before. Feelings and emotions need a great deal of time, care and special material handling. I’ve always been pretty good at having a stiff upper lip. Well, with age (and plenty life hiccups), life events are playing new chords on my guitar. My rock ‘n roll & British rock have made room for ballads and heartstring songs. Some people tell me, “Heidi, that is not you getting old, that’s you getting wise. Feelings – emotions? That is living!” Well they’re a lot if work and tiring. Feelings end up interrupting my highly efficient, perfectionist-workaholic machinery. But I do kinda like ’em. I think my hubby likes them too. My friends probably feel as though they “look” weird on me. Lol.

Dowloading FEELINGS.XP and other upgrades.

I have decided that my body is a lot like a computer at this stage of life. More often than not, I’ve got parts breaking down for no good reason, it’s taking longer and longer for the repairs to work. I have to read-up-on, and get professional help when things don’t work the way I need them too. When my hard drive crashed a little while back? I went in for upgrades. The technician installed a few new hardware pieces (tear ducts & and a gentle pair of hands). Then the final upgrade I received was this swanky new software called, FEELINGS.XP. This program is pretty cool, but it’s got a lot of bugs! I have had the technician look things over and I’m reading the manual more carefully. It seems to interrupt a lot of the other programs I run, and I just don’t know how to handle that. FEELINGS.XP is highly sophisticated. I’ll need to keep the help-desk number handy that’s for sure.

So that’s it! I’m getting older. But, with the unexplainable ailments and my FEELINGS.XP upgrade, life is so interesting. I feel a new sense of engagement with the people around me and the activities I involve myself in. It’s pretty cool. Once I download a few upgrades for my hubby, plus Apps for him to remember the upgrades…his iPhone will alert him for all of the events, celebrations, and important dates that he would otherwise forget. We’re both getting older. Together 🙂

What is your take on getting older?


8 thoughts on “Is it just me, or am I getting older?

  1. I’m 20 going on 30 the way I’m feeling now. Too much work, with little time to play, I really should stop and smell the roses….. so different when I was in high school, which was not really so long ago. Physically, I don’t feel any pain , mentally, is another story. My mental state is the one that’s getting older.

    Greetings from California.

    1. Thanks for visiting. Life gets busy in a hurry, each decade adding something even larger than the one before it. I hope you decide to stop and smell the roses (see my first post). When ignored, it seems it gets harder and harder to “learn” how to – stop – or slow down. Cheers, from Canada!!

  2. Hilarious! I would have loved to have seen you askew in the computer lab…kindergarten computer time?? Don’t you know you’re not supposed to start that ’til January? As for getting old, you can have a conversation with my father-in-law who is almost 90. He says he didn’t start feeling old until he was about 82! Wish I could say the same. Seems like the days get longer and the need for an after school cat nap gets bigger. Love your analogy to the computer upgrade..seems though that upgrades always have some internal bug that needs fine tuning, so look out for those emotions!

    1. Heidi & Kindergarten are not two words that roll off of the tongue are they, Lois? Yes, we’ve been to the lab three times. Those little dudes are getting the hang of it. I love hearing your father-in-law stories 😉 I feel like I know him some days. So, he only started to feel old at 82, eh? Well, I guess there is hope for me getting my second wind – that would take me to age 70. Computer upgrades do always have bugs, eh? Dangit! What will I do when the new version of FEELINGS.XP rolls out? Thanks for commenting! So, glad you’re keeping an eye on me via the blog. LOL.

  3. This was a really candid point of view that is so true ! I hit the big 40 last year and celebrated by getting a tattoo. Quite a big one actually. This will remind me forever of the love of my husband who arranged for me to get it, the surprise party that came after it and the people who inspired it. Life is full of hiccups, you are right. It means you are taking in big gulps of air on the roller coaster ride 🙂

    1. Thanks Elizabeth!
      I love your line “It’s because you are taking in big gulps of air on the roller coaster ride.” love that!! Matches my blog title and my slogan for the site.
      I just might venture into the tattoo world. I just wanna make sure I decide on a design that is bang-on what I want.

  4. The whole concept of age seems so foreign at times. The numbers seem meaningless when I can, in the short span of a few hours, feel both 25 (when I discover something…or someone…new) and 75 (these details are too unpleasant to share). Thanks, Heidi, for reminding me I’m normal.

    1. Too unpleasant to share?!?! C’mon, don’t leave us hangin’. I didn’t leave much to the imagination 😉 I have to completely agree with you, Lynda. Numbers are meaningless. In practice today I was hammering volleyballs at 12 and 13 year old boys. I was that 22-year old power hitter! By 9pm, my shoulder will feel as though it has detached from my body and I’ll be icing it so that I can do it all over tomorrow. That’s when I feel like I’m….60.

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