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A special life is hanging in the valence today

Love you partner each day, as though it just might be your last.

Our lives are truly random operations.  You never know what might happen on any given day.  Even those of you who are highly structured, scheduled, creatures of habit will experience a hiccup in your daily life.

Today, my husband and I got a horrible hiccup spell. A very,very dear friend of ours was in a terrible car crash and is in critical condition.  His life is truly hanging in the valence.  This highly trained, athletic, multiple black belt martial artist is facing obstacles today – that he never saw coming. We as loved ones, don’t know what to hope for, so we leave that hope to hope itself.

His dear wife and step-son have been struck with this terrible tragedy.  Yesterday they were enjoying their annual, summer visit to their homeland.  Until they got that kind of phone call that we all dread! Getting the news that the life of THE ONE person, nearest and dearest to them, is hanging in the valence. I sit here in shock and disbelief; empathizing the horror, sorrow, loneliness, and despair that they must be feeling. He…lays in a Toronto hospital bed, hooked up to every machine known to the medical profession.  What is he thinking? What is he hoping?

Days like today are so very, very hard.  The emotions ride high.  You don’t know what to hope for, what to pray for.  Days like this are game changers! I started this blog only a few short days ago.  Reflecting on my life and how I was really getting more hiccups in life than I really wanted to experience.  But now, as I sit thinking about my friends, about their community,  I am reminded to stay humble.  It seems a bit of a cliche to just be thankful that I am here, my children are with me, and that I’ll kiss my husband goodnight.  But sometimes cliches are true, true reality.

Today proves how delicate and fragile life is.

How did you live your life today?

What did you wish and hope for today?

Hug your children, kiss your spouse, hug a friend, help a stranger. Hiccups in life are so very challenging and often just a nuisance. But at least you’re still getting the hiccups.


2 thoughts on “A special life is hanging in the valence today

    1. Brought tears to my eyes just writing it. Because it is true. Thanks for reading and commenting Lesley. I love the idea of sending cards to Stanko! Perfect! I’m going to pick one up tonight.

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