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Stop and smell the roses!!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! For many of us over-achievers….we spend countless hours goal setting, planning, doing, then reflecting.  We repeat this pattern over and over until we are  perfectly oiled machines.  Sitting to relax? Going for a walk? Taking a nap?…Who me? Finding joy in the smaller things? These are not things that I have really thrived on doing in the past. I’d say, “stopping to smell the roses” is the kind of lifestyle that my subconscious has typically regarded as “such a waste of time.” Well there have been a number of red flags waving in my world to let me know that I really need to, “stop and smell those damn roses!”

I’m a grade six teacher.  I’m probably a workaholic.  I’m okay admitting that now.  Lots of teachers never admit to being a workaholic.  They try to disguise it in the….”Well it is perfectly normal to work 14 hour days for ten months! Why do you think we get 2 months off for Pete’s sake?”  That’s a cover-up.  So let me share with you a goal that I had set for myself at the end of the school year.  I decided that it was time for me to, “Stop and smell the roses” and to do this, I decided to “dare myself” not to do ANY work for the entire month of July.  Well I have done it! Instead of boring professional reading, and long-range planning.  I decided to play a lot more with my kids (Allie is 9, Colin is 4), go for walks, drink my coffee on the front porch in the morning, read for pleasure (not work), workout more at the Y, journal writing, and my husband bought me a trail bike. Heck! I have even taken THREE naps this summer!

Parenting is a wonderful job and I just love watching my kids do the things that they choose to do.  Sometimes I jump in – but it can honestly be a challenge playing as much as you’d love to when so many other things are also vying for your time.  Well over the last couple of days, bugs and critters have been the HOT thing for my kids.  I myself, used to love critters , so this is ONE game that we all truly love – with nobody “pretending” to  have fun (LOL). Yesterday I caught 2 toads, a grasshopper, and half a dozen potato bugs.  Today I caught a baby toad, a few worms, and a bunch of flying ants (ugh). Just for the record, we catch-and-release.

My barometer for knowing when to stop and smell the roses, is the mood of the people around me.  When the hubby and the kids get cranky and irritable – it’s time I check-in and get the QT going. What is YOUR warning sign that it is time to stop and smell the roses?

What do you like to do to stop and smell the roses?    ~ Thanks for stopping by 🙂


21 thoughts on “Stop and smell the roses!!

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today, and congratulations on starting your own. A great first post, and I hope blogging will be a means of R&R for you (us A-types sometimes have to be vigilant not to turn our play into work!)

    1. Too funny Morgan!! Are you suggesting that my Type-A personality is also going to sabotage my conscious effort to stop and smell the roses? Oh no! Here I was thinking that I was on the right track….But you do bring up a very good point. Type-A’s do tend to find that way to overdo everything. I will monitor this closely. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Reading for pleasure…especially when it makes me laugh out loud and I want to share the jokes with others…is good sniffing time spent.

    1. There is nothing more I love than reading a good book. I have loved reading for as long as I can remember. I think I got tied up in reading to teach – instead of reading for fun. Thanks to you Darcie, I just stared reading Christopher Moore’s “Practical Demon keeping.” I can’t remember that last time I have read a truly funny book! So, here’s to sniffing a good book!!

  3. Well, Heidi, you’re certainly getting practice with the “honest” thing! I thought the summer was for doing all the things you didn’t get done during the year, like going through papers and painting and….!! I think you’re right about many of us teachers being workaholics. My husband has always chided me about that. This summer, on a whim in the Canadian Tire garden centre, I decided to give container gardening a try. I bought a couple of interesting cherry tomato plants & some red pepper plants & they have been fun & interesting to watch grow. Soon we will have the ceremonial picking & eating of the first tomato. Not roses but I’m hoping these little guys have lots of flavour! Glad you’re smelling the roses…when momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy! Lois

    1. Container gardening! I’m so envious! I have to say, gardening is something our whole family loves to do. You have to let me know when the ceremonial tasting occurs with your first tomato. We were a bit thick when planting and nursing our tomato plant. We kept putting off putting up the tomato plant “frame”-thingy that the plant is supposed to grow in…well…the tomato looks more like a vine, growing along the ground. Woops! Oh well, we’ll see what happens.
      “All work, no play, makes Jack a dull boy.” I’m sure my mom used to say that all the time to me when I was studying in university. I should have seen the signs then. LOL. Smelling the roses? Hmmm, is it bad that my roses have bloomed and dropped already? I really have to read-up on roses. I know there is some kind of food that you’re supposed to give to them, then they keep on blooming.
      Thanks for visiting, Lois. Curious…are you working?

  4. Great start Lifewithiccups:) I look forward to reading many more….these days I smell more then roses with my little ones…but we like to spend time playing on the floor and make each other giggle with laughter…looking forward to smelling the roses with you one day…..

    1. Oh the little giggles! I remember them so well. I would conjure up as many antics as I could muster, just to get that giggle to come out. Getting your little ones to giggle is a bit like your alcohol tolerance. The little ones get better and better at “tolerating” what they laugh at. So you end up finding yourself inventing these crazy personas, or getting your face to do crazy things, or just acting silly. I don’t think I had ever danced so much, until I had kids. Boy did that make them laugh (no sense of beat or rhythm, no ability to move various body parts simultaneously). Oh and singing?!?! I never really did any singing (except perhaps alone in my car — belting out GNR songs with the radio) until I had kids. Allie and Colin still think that I’ve got the voice of Celine Dion. Those of you who know me well — know just how funny the thought of this is. LOL. Thanks for visiting Jenn!

      1. I’ve heard a few Duran Duran songs get belted out by you as well…you do them justice 🙂 I prefer ABBA or Madonna’s Vogue while driving the mini van…makes me feel young again !

  5. LMAO!!!
    “Wild boys never lose it
    Wild boys never chose this way
    Wild boys never close your eyes
    Wild boys always shine”
    …Ahh yes Duran Duran. Oh how I loved them soooooo! Yup! Count them in! You might as well add on Wham, Boy George, Depeche Mode, The Cure….the list goes on. LONG LIVE THE 80’s!

  6. Well, we had the ceremonial first tomato picking and the little guys were tasty in a salad. Still waiting for the green peppers to turn red…not sure how long that takes. But it is pretty cool to walk out your back yard & pick a tomato or two. I had to buy bamboo stakes & tie up the plants as they were getting too tall for the tomato cage. You could try that with yours. (Isn’t it fun to talk tomatoes instead of literacy…although I’m sure there are parallels & lessons to be learned…)
    Am I working? Of course! But so far it has been around the house & not on school work. We’re still trying to process the stuff that came from Don’s parents place that we shoved into the basement last fall. We are going on holidays this week so I will have to stop working for a few days. Are you doing any travelling?

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